pools, like daycares

i don't know what it is about atlanta, but it seriously takes an act of god to get into a daycare!  we have been on a waiting list at three in-town daycares since the week we found out we were pregnant with little jack-a-roo.  the same WEEK I PEED ON A STICK! and we are still waiting... at least we had ample warning about the daycare issue.  nobody warned us about the insanity of pool memberships.  last week, i started searching for a pool to join for the summer.  can you believe what i discovered...SIMPLY paying a $2,000 membership fee and a yearly summer fee of $400-650 will allow you to join a pool IF you can manage to wait 5 years!  yep...FIVE YEARS is the average length of time families are kept on the waiting list to become members of one of the lovely in-town swimming pools.  yikes!  we don't want to wait five years.  we want to swim THIS summer! 

meanwhile, i am thinking of opening a daycare and pool center.  clearly, there is a need.  anyone want to help?