life's blissful moments

i just recently read the most inspiring editorial at cooks illustrated and i can't stop thinking about those personal scenarios that make your life, at least for a fleeting moment, absolutely perfect.  it has really made me wonder what my own list of bliss would be composed of.  here's what i came up with after only a few days of thinking, so, this list is, of course, not exhaustive. returning to our "nice" hotel after an exhausting and thrilling, action-packed day at disney world carrying my new dumbo stuffed animal and finding chocolate mints on my pillow.

spending the entire summer day at granny and pawpaw's pool.  searching for pennies on the pool bottom, playing categories, eating ham sandwiches and charles chip potato chips from the big tin can, calling dad at the office and telling him to come meet us there for dinner so that we could swim longer.

my first visit to seaside.  a long july weekend vacation with the wernicke family.  we swam in the ocean, made delicious dinners, explored all the back alleys and sidewalks (by ourselves!), and drove our own golf cart (which, to middle schoolers, felt like our personal little car).  it was the most delightful town i had ever visited.  might still be.

watching my dad breakdown lying on top of my parent's bed the morning after pawpaw died.   the tremendous sadness that surrounded the event also shed light on the incomprehensible love shared by my family.  i knew then just how lucky i was to have the family i have.

that one day each fall at davidson that all the bright yellow leaves of the ginkgo tree decide to fall into one big yellow pile on the ground.

walking home to our beacon hill apartment, elena riding piggy back on david, after ice skating (elena between david's legs) in the boston public garden.  stopping into the charles street market to pick up dinner.  elena requesting sushi with "acrincado" (avocado) and edamame.  picturing how much fun the future holds, knowing that the family david and i would one day create would be the best thing in the world.  and, so far, it's been nothing but unimaginable happiness.

entering the church, escorted by my dad, and looking up to see all the lovely faces as i start to walk down the aisle to the sound of black mountain by cast iron filter to join the man of my dreams.

early morning (or late night) february 26th, 2008.  again, it was one of the most serious and heartbreaking moments of my life, yet also one of the most perfect.  i was reminded on this night how devoted my family is to each other.  this event also helped me to fully comprehend, then  appreciate, david's tremendous greatness.

taking a van cab home from a fall wedding.  dancing in the living room until sunrise the next day.

hearing jack's first cries as he was being pulled out of my belly and turning to look at david who was sobbing audibly, the tears streaming down his face in total elation.

jack's first night in the world.  staying awake the whole night, lying in the hospital bed, just holding and staring at my baby boy and trying to wrap my head around the endless love that filled my heart.