dear jack,

the last time i wrote you a letter was when you turned six weeks old... unsurprisingly, a lot of things have happened since then!  first of all, HAPPY THREE MONTHS (thirteen weeks)!  even as a type that out, i am in can't be that you are already out of the "fourth trimester" and the time has come for me to return to work!  i wish i could just close my eyes and freeze time for a while...maybe we can somehow make this weekend last longer than two days... you are the happiest baby!  i, admittedly, was so worried when we took you for your first set of vaccinations at six and a half weeks and i had to say no when your doctor asked us if you had started smiling.  now, you smile all the time and sometimes even laugh out loud at your funny parents!  the smiles started over the christmas holiday, but they have gotten more frequent and more purposeful over the last three weeks.  it melts our hearts EVERY time!  and, you are talking up a storm!  lots of sounds and for long periods of time like you are just trying so hard to tell us about something.

over christmas, you officially outgrew all of your newborn clothing (except for a few pairs of pants) and have graduated to the 0-3 month size.  it seems like your little legs are not quite ready to move up so you have lots of shirt options and not too many pants to choose from yet.

it makes mommy very happy to report that you are a champion nighttime sleeper!  starting at six weeks old when we realized that you still needed nighttime swaddling and we ordered you a miracle blanket, you have been  happy to get all wrapped up, listen to your waterfall noise, and drift right off to sleep in your crib without a peep.  EVERY single night!  and, beginning at ten weeks, you legitimately sleep through the whole night (seven to nine hours nightly).  we are so thankful and so impressed!  and, you wake up so happy- often talking to your balls hanging above your crib and when we come in to say good morning, you give us a huge smile!

you are absolutely loving your baths (and mommy looks forward to them too), you've had your first babysitters (your very first was mia, popi, and aunt laura when mommy went out to lunch with kristin in florida), you still love your walks in the stroller, you have started chewing on your teething toys and, consequently, drooling all over your clothes!, your colon seems to be all better since mommy eliminated all dairy and soy, and you continue to love going, going, going wherever we decide to take you (we have only had to abort our mission once when you had trouble settling down on our way to trader joe's).

there has also been a very serious event that has taken lots of our attention and energy this week.  your nonna had surgery on her brain to cut out a tumor and is now working really hard to feel better again.  she is having lots of trouble using her right arm and right leg, but there are so many great therapists at rehab, where she is staying, that are helping her to get stronger.  she has pictures of you and flowers from you in her room there and i know that is making her feel happy and motivated to work hard so she can leave there and play with you again.

you are therapy for us all.  without you, i would have had to work really hard this past week to find goodness each day, but simply coming home to you each night made me smile and helped to wash the hard stuff away.  i love you so much little man.

xxooo,  mommy