back from our long holiday.

goodbye ohs, hello tens?!! sorry for the lengthy absence.  i hope everyone's new year is off to a refreshing and fun start and that your holidays were merry and bright.  we had so much fun celebrating the holidays in florida...two and a half weeks filled with love from family and friends!  i haven't been away from my place of residence for that long since my college days...

jack certainly changed a lot over the holiday season.  i think he weighs close to eleven pounds now!  he finally outgrew his newborn diapers and his newborn clothing, which i hesitantly packed up in a blue-for-boy bin and placed in the attic, and he is now sporting his zero to three month wardrobe and looking as cute as ever!   he is a champion nighttime sleeper- going to bed without any fuss and sleeping for pretty long stretches at a time (always waking only one time during the night to eat).  he smiles all the time!  our new favorite thing is going in to get him in the morning and be greeted by a wide-eyed and smiling jack!

jack met so many new relatives in florida and was spoiled by all the cuddling and holding!  all the extra hands created a preference for being held most of the day, especially when tired.  i know we can't hold him forever, so i  have to admit that i treasure the moments now despite the fact that it makes it nearly impossible to do much more than read or type when i am by myself.

in two thousand and ten, i hope to write a lot of  food posts and dish up a lot of fun baby talk!  cheers to a fun and happy new year!