what a day i had yesterday!  i bet your list of daily accomplishments can't even come close to mine???!!! 1.  showered WITHOUT another adult being at home to watch jack

2.  started packing for our holiday travel to florida...little babies sure need A LOT of stuff

3.  drove in the car for the first time- just me and jack...another activity that i have been avoiding solo...

4.  survived jack's first set of vaccinations...not too scarred

5.  made it out the door with a clean shirt (no pee or spit-up!) and even a touch of make-up on my face

6.  swept the floor and started some laundry

7. stopped at target and tackled our errand list

boy...the small things that can really make you feel like you are on top of the world!  anyone else have a productive day?...i didn't think so.