dear jack,

we have had another fun week marked with milestones and more "firsts"... you have outgrown your first clothing-this is both exciting and bittersweet to your mommy.  exciting because you will soon be able to wear all your adorable 0-3 month clothing and because you are growing; bittersweet because...well, you are growing!  soon, there will be no more teeny, tiny baby jack!

(photo of the first outfit jack grew out of.  it was the only outfit we had that "fit" him when he came home from the hospital.)

another growing milestone for the week is that you are no longer being swaddled.  we just took the liberty to stop swaddling you last weekend after realizing that you were keeping yourself awake trying to break free.  now, you use your sleep sacks to keep you warm and cuddly and they are equally adorable!

(photo of jack all swaddled up and cuddly in his crib lying in his sleeping wedge, which he also no longer uses.)

this week, you were quite the party animal--attending your first two birthday parties!  both parties were surprise 30th birthdays (one for aunt karen and the other for stefen) at restaurants, caramba cafe and surin, and you were amazing- slept through them both without a peep, much to the party guests' dismay!

(photo of jack in his "party animal" outfit.  snuggled up in his teddy bear fleece puts him right to sleep for nights out on the town!)

sadly, we suffered through our first florida football loss this week.  but, on a much happier note, we have really gotten into quite a nice, predictable are eating 7 times a day and, much to mommy's liking, only one of those times happens in the middle of the night!  we go through our day taking walks, swinging, sleeping in your  rocker, snuggling on the couch or in mommy and daddy's bed, nursing, and going on outings.  daddy is now putting you to bed at night after mommy feeds you...and it seems that both of you enjoy that quiet bonding time with each other.

happy six weeks, jack!  i love you,