dear jack,

i have decided to write you an occasional letter on my blog to 1. share with our readers the ins and outs of life with you and 2. chronicle those ins and outs in a way that will help daddy, you, and i to remember them. when you were born, you started crying the minute the doctors pulled out your head.  when daddy and i heard your voice for the first time, we couldn't hold back our own tears.  you had a full head of brown hair with blond sideburns and deep blue eyes.  your feet seemed so big and your skin coloring was beautiful.  you were perfect.  waiting to get my chance to cuddle you was an eternity, but when the nurse finally placed you in my arms, you looked at me, right into my eyes, and opened your mouth wide as if you were saying "ohh!"  i was completely charmed.

you spent your first week half at the hospital, where you celebrated your very first holiday, halloween (and daddy's birthday), and the other half at home with your mommy and daddy, big sister sadie, nonna and pops, and aunt jessica.  when you were a week old, we took our first outing to see your pediatrician, we had our first walk in your stroller when you were 10 days old, and nona and pops stayed until you were 11 days old taking care of us and our house so that i could concentrate on taking good care of you.  then, we were on our own and...we made it!  you had your first professional photo shoot on your two week birthday and at three weeks old, your mia and popi came for a visit.

today you are 4 weeks old!  this week, we have been working hard on learning how to nap and you will celebrate your first thanksgiving, your second holiday.  you have really grown fond of your boppy pillow,  swing, and warm bath water and don't so much like having your diaper changed or having to nap in your crib.  i'm in love with your chicken feather hair after your baths, the way you smell, and the way you cuddle against my shoulder after nursing.

and, when i feed you?  well, these are my favorite times of the day.  you seem completely content.  you hold your hands in tiny fists and rest them on my chest.  you look up at me with your huge, dark blue eyes and i know that you need me and for that i am so grateful.

life is so much richer, so much fuller since you joined our family.  i love you so much.  on this thanksgiving day, i give so much thanks for you.