introducing baby jack lewis

my, my...i extend my apologies to you, my dearly beloved blog, (and to all its faithful readers), as i have been a bit preoccupied with the most adorable new human being!  after quite a harrowing experience, baby jack, healthily (thank goodness!), made his appearance into the world early on the morning of october 29th and has brought us much joy and love ever since!  from the very first night we shared together, where i sat in my hospital bed and snuggled him in my arms for the full night not able to quite get my fill of him, until today, david and i continue to be amazed at our newest addition. while it is not the easiest endeavor we have ever pursued, there is the new parent anxiety over what turns out to be the most minor of things, the frequent feedings, the short bouts of sleep that don't quite add up to a full night's worth, we are loving this new life of ours, thanks to baby jack.  but, it's funny... as i sit here and type this post that i have been working on over the entire course of the day and wonder what time david and i will actually sit down to eat dinner, i am reminded that life as i know it has changed completely.  our world has been altered right down to the tiniest of showering without making sure someone else is home...or having time to actually make AND eat lunch in between feeding periods...
it's those everyday occurrences which have mutated, or become altogether obsolete, since our little guy arrived just three weeks ago today.
it's hard to believe, only 21 days in this world and already he has accomplished so many firsts!  first song, "everything reminds me of her" by elliot smith, first car ride, first doctor's appointment, first walk in the stroller, first bath, first kisses on his feet by big sister sadie, first book, Guess How Much I Love You, and first football game, auburn vs. ole miss.
and while jack will not remember any of this, we are trying to document it all, because i want to make sure that david and i never forget a moment!
we love him so much!  here is what we have had the pleasure of enjoying every day:

day one

day three

day six

day nine

day nine

day nine

day fifteen

day seventeen