eggplant baby

have you ever heard the legend that eggplant parmigiana induces labor?  this method of self-inducing labor began circulating after a restaurant in the atlanta-area named scalini's made the claim that mothers of over 300 babies have gone into labor in the past 23 years, within 48 hours of eating their eggplant parmigiana.  if i believed in the myth at all, i assumed that it was the eggplant that induced labor.  however, oregano and basil have been singled out as having properties that may cause contractions, though it is unknown how or in what quantities.

since we may not live in atlanta for another pregnancy, we thought we'd indulge ourselves this weekend and go to scalini's and give it a shot.  it worked for some of our friends...who knows maybe it will work for us to!  if not, at least it's a good story and hopefully a yummy meal!