rules for my unborn son

i just stumbled upon this amazingly applicable blog, 1001 rules for my unborn son: let's get some things straight before i get old and uncool!  it's a blog revealing everyday maxims about how to be a great man, such as: * eat lunch with the new kid.

* ask your mom to play.  she won't let you win.  (i love this one in particular since david and i joke (well, i joke, but i think david is actually worried) that because i am so competitive, i will probably be the hardest critic and biggest fan of my children (and hubby!)).

* all drinking challenges must be accepted.

*bring your mitt to the ballpark.

*never underestimate your fertility.

* feel free to crash a tailgate.  (our baby boy already has a onesie that says "future tailgater")

*make time for your mom on your birthday.  it's her special day too.

*learn to pronounce french words correctly.

and, i could go on and on.  it's a great site that is heartbreakingly sweet and wise and the best news of all is that the blogger has now written a book about his blog that comes out october 27th! 

rules for my unborn son

i am dying to have it!  it couldn't be more appropriate.