i can start counting down on ONE hand!

that's right.  ONE hand.  i'm at 35 weeks today!  FIVE more weeks until my due date.  i have spent hours decorating his room, washing and folding his tiny little clothes and blankets, organizing his bottles and bibs,  and writing in our belly book.  when i forget for a moment that all i am working on is just periphery, jack moves around inside me turning and poking, and i remember again what this is all about... how everything i've done since that morning in march... when two pink lines popped up on a stick and my heart climbed up into my throat... has been for him, for us. and yet, the truth is, i have no idea what i'm doing.  and, while all the unknowns terrify me, i am so excited for it all.  i can hardly wait to hold him in my arms and watch everyone meet him for the first time.  and, baby jack, know that while we will surely be parenting with mistakes, i already love you more than i thought humanly possible and i promise to do my best taking care of and loving you.