adult recess

one of the MANY things (and, BOY, there are SO many things that await that i am uber-excited about!) that i am looking forward to this late fall and winter is establishing an adult recess.   wouldn't it be sweet to have a designated hour, (nearly) every night, set aside to enjoy each other?  a cocktail hour- where the conversation is kept leisurely, the air light–an hour to remember each other and to enjoy an adult beverage.  

as parents of a newborn, i know it will be difficult to find time between working, changing diapers, nursing, bathing a baby, and cleaning and organizing our belongings, but this also makes it that much more necessary.  i love the notion of having a set time and a go-to drink reserved for this certain time of day. 

what would your drink of choice be for your adult recess?  a frosty cold beer that coincides with the season?  a nice glass of wine?  or would it be a fancy cocktail?  our drink of choice and time of be determined and likely postponed for a bit until we get this baby raising thing under way.