three months to go...

i cannot even believe pregnancy has been such smooth sailing, that it is really flying by!  i have three months until my due date of november fifth...three months until we meet our first born child, our precious little baby boy!  did you hear me??!!...THREE MONTHS!  i don't know if i feel more disbelief or excitement, but i know it's a good mix of both. since i haven't posted any bump pictures in a while, i thought i would use the three month mark as an opportunity to show off my new figure!  over the past 6 weeks or so, i have truly popped out...just look for yourself-

hiking, june 13th

belly picture week 19

pre red sox vs braves game, june 27th

belly picture week 21

sam's baptism, july 19

belly picture week 24

belly pic week 25, july 28

belly picture week 25

thirteen or so weeks for our little one to grow...then, instead of belly pictures, we will have cuter pictures- baby pictures- to show off!