here comes the son

 as many of you have already heard, david and i are thrilled to know that this fall we will be welcoming a perfect little baby BOY into the world!  it is amazing how much changes when you learn what gender baby you are growing...he went from an "idea" to our son within seconds!  and, we now both imagine him as a real person.  we can't hardly think about anything else!  of course, we hit the stores last weekend with my sister and parents to find our son his first outfits.  i've heard it's more challenging to find cute boy clothes and now i can attest to that!  i am up for the challenge, however, and find it thrilling that we will have to hunt for adorable clothes to dress our little dude in.  and, i am so ready for the fall and winter clothes to hit the stores...i am ready to look, get ideas, and BUY!!!  

and a funny aside...what keeps running through my head is the line from sex and the city when miranda announces she is having a boy and carrie states, "You know you are growing a teeny, tiny penis in there? That's so sci-fi."  when i said that to david the other night, he said "what's even weirder is that you have a whole skeleton in your belly!" 

thanks to everyone for all the well wishes and support!  it is amazing how much love there is in the world for this little boy already.  what a joy and a pleasure to share all this with you!  xxo!