the tuscan coast

tuscan shore my heart  is swelling as i think about my sister-in-law enjoying a summer of european study abroad, especially now that her travels have brought her to italy.  this article in sunday's ny times travel section has made my heart swell even more...oh how i desire to return to italy, more specifically to the italian coast.

tell me that the following passages don't make you want to be there too, enjoying the fine food and the crystal blue mediterranean waters:

"...the slope-hugging road...can be thrilling to drive, with breathtaking views to the south, north, east and west. The sun glints off the water, then sets below it.  Best to abandon the car and find a seat in a waterfront cafe before that happens.  Porto Santo Stefano has many of them, and they adhere to an unimpeachable philosophy, which is that a predinner glass of prosecco or white wine should be accompanied by a pre-dinner nibble, or rather cornucopia of nibbles: peanuts, olives, cubes of mortadella, cubes of Parmesan cheese.  On a warm, breezy night, these arrived with a first round of drinks, and they were replenished in full with a second round. We even thought about staying put for a third, the scene around us giving us cause to linger.  Buffed yachts glided out of the harbor while battered fishing trawlers lumbered in, the beauties making way for the beasts."

"...the tone of our meal there was immediately set by the first thing to hit the table: an amuse-bouche of sautéed red mullet, diced tomato and olive oil, combined in a spoon, enough for just one happy bite. Each ingredient was flawless.  After that there was squid-ink tagliatelle with shrimp and artichoke, oversize fusilli with scorpion fish and more red mullet, and nuggets of rabbit — the bones gone, the meat tender — with black olives and roasted tomatoes. It seemed right to add that bit of turf to the surf, and the turf justified the bottle of northern Italian pinot nero we chose."

during my dreams of italian food, sun, and water, my thoughts move to the idea of our baby playing alongside david and i on the italian sand and my heart swells to nearly the point of bursting... 

baby swimwear

oh...just the thought of it makes me smile from ear to ear!