freeze it!

i have quite an obsession with the minimalist, mark bittman, of the new york times.  and, his article, freeze that thought, if you can get over the terrible cover picture, makes me even more of a bittman worshipper.  it has such great ideas on how to use our freezers to make our lives more convenient, which is what we are all trying to do, right?  this is my favorite paragraph: "In that messy box you have some ice cubes, some stuff you bought frozen — a pizza? Lean Gourmet? peas? — and maybe, if you cook a lot, some stock or hastily stored leftovers.  You also have a load of things you’ve already forgotten about and will eventually toss, even though you would have been guilt-struck if you had discarded them when they were fresh."  SO TRUE!

and, he includes really helpful tips organized by individual foods.  i learned a lot and have lots of great ideas for things to do with food in the future.  watch out, freezer, you are about to be stocked!