a brain like baby food

i have been a terrible blogger lately (so many of you have pointed that out!) and i am sorry.  the absence in posts was completely unintentional, but i do have several excuses for why i have been so out of touch... 1.  my brain has turned into baby food!  i'm not kidding...its all things baby in my little head right now and instead of beating baby thoughts into all of you, i chose to spare you by not writing since i have a serious lack of creativity outside of baby decorating!

2.  i have been very busy at work (where i usually create my posts) and have not felt like sitting in front of the computer at night at home to write.

well, i am attempting to be back at it, but this does not mean that my mind is off of the baby.  i am going to try to mix it up and create varying posts like before and try very hard not to turn this into a mommy blog, but i have to say...this is going to be VERY hard!  just look what i have to look forward to...awww!!!

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