this town sounds grand...

carrboro, north carolina.   carrboro you say.  and i say, yes! 

it's located less than 4 miles from chapel hill and carrboro has a reputation as one of the most liberal communities in the southern US.  it was the first municipality in north carlina to elect an openly gay mayor, mike nelson, in 1995 and the first municipality in the state to grant domestic-partner benefits to same-sex couples.  in october 2002, carrboro was among the first municipalities in the south to pass resolutions opposing the iraq war and the USA PATRIOT act. 

and, it has a fabulous farmers market (every wednesday afternoon and saturday morning and it's about 5 times bigger than our market), an awesome grocery (with great space for eating and hanging out on the front lawn), fun restuarants and bars, great schools (it's in the chapel hill school district), and an awesome arts scene (cat's cradle hosts very cool bands that david and i love). 

this small town has put the university of north carloina permanently on our residency destination list...its fun to discover great new places and think about our life there!