what i've done, what i want to do, and things i will never do, no matter what!

the rules: things you've already done: bold

things you want to do: reddened

things you haven't done and don't want to: plain font

1. started your own blog 2. slept under the stars- first time was during davidson odyssey...amazing! 3. play in a band 4. visit hawaii 5. watched a meteor shower-also during davidson odyssey...WOW! 6. give to charity 7. been to disneyworld- what fun family vacation memories...i remember staying at one of those hotels in the park and taking the tram all over.  i got to buy one small gift every day- i got a stuffed shamu, several dwarf figurines, and a stuffed dumbo!  it's fun to be spolied at disney! 8. climbed a mountain- it was a small one, but that counts, right? 9. held a praying mantis 10. sang a solo- this is a TERRIFYING thought---no thanks! 11. bungee jumped- yikes! 12. visited paris- lovely.  simply lovely. 13. watched a lightning storm at sea- scary, but intensely beautiful. 14. taught yourself an art from scratch- trying to get to that sewing machine... 15. adopt a child 16. had food poisoning- in italy, after eating veal.  it was terrible!  i haven't eaten veal since and never plan to. 17. walked to the top of the statue of liberty 18. grown your own vegetables- since i am very limited by yard space (learned that from last season's planting), i may stick to potted veggies and herbs this year. 19. seen the mona lisa in france 20. slept on an overnight train- one of my worst memories of europe.  i absolutely HATE overnight train rides- smelly stale smoke and a mean german man who stole every bit of the american money i had!  plus, overnight trains usually meant i was travelling away from david... 21. had a pillow fight 22. hitch hiked 23. taken a sick day when you’re not ill 24. built a snow fort 25. held a lamb 26. gone skinny dipping- fun, liberating, and lovely... 27. run a marathon- may never do another, but i will never, ever forget the 2 i have done and the many that i have trained for.  there will never be another memory that will replace the ones of my dad and i crossing the finish line hand in hand. 28. ridden a gondola in venice 29. seen a total eclipse 30. watched a sunrise or sunset- love this, espcially love it over water...  a perfect vacation activity. 31. hit a home run 32. been on a cruise- and unless its a luxury, eco-friendly cruise or a cruis to alaska, may not ever go on another.  but the one i went on for davidson senior spring break was F-U-N! 33. seen niagara falls in person 34. visited the birthplace of your ancestors 35. seen an amish community 36. taught yourself a new language- i am absolutely terrible at languauges!  but, if david speaks to our children in french or we live in another country one day, i promise to learn more and TRY! but, i have to admit, practicing a new language is a fear of mine. 37. have enough money to be truly satisfied 38. seen the leaning tower of pisa in person- if this means i get to go back to italy, then sure, i'll go see it! 39. gone rock climbing- indoor wall.  i don't love this. 40. seen michelangelo's david in person 41. sung karaoke 42. seen old faithful geyser erupt 43. bought a stranger a meal in a restaurant- i've always wanted to do this... 44. visit africa 45. walked on a beach by moonlight- many times and they are all great memories.  the last time i did this was in puerto rico after we dined by candlelight at the ocean's edge.  it was an amazing night! 46. been transported in an ambulance46. been transported in an ambulance- my dad reminded me that i was transported by ambulance when i was about 15 months old after having a seizure from a temperature spike (thanks for the correction, poppers!) 47. have your portrait painted- still dreaming to have one of our wedding pictures painted. 48. gone deep sea fishing 49. seen the sistine chapel in person 50. been to the top of the eiffel tower in paris 51. gone scuba diving or snorkelling- i don't think these are even close to the same thing, but it's part of the meme, so i didn't change it.  i love snorkelling, but NEVER plan to scuba dive.  the thought alone scares me. 52. kissed in the rain- we used to play in the rain all the time at davidson! 53. played in the mud 54. gone to a drive-in theatre- every summer we have plans to do this.  there is a great drive-in fairly close to us...adding it to this spring or summer's to-do list! 55. been in a movie 56. visited the great wall of china 57. started a business 58. taken a martial arts class 59. visit russia 60. serve at a soup kitchen 61. sold girl scout cookies- secretly hoping that my possible-furture girls never want to do this! 62. gone whale watching 63. gotten flowers for no reason- this is a really nice gesture that makes you feel happy...david, are you reading this??? 64. donated blood- i hate the thought of needles in that crook of your arm! but, i have done it once to be typed for a bone marrow match. 65. gone sky diving- NOOOOO! 66. visited a nazi concentration camp 67. bounced a check- long time ago... 68. flown in a helicopter 69. saved a favorite childhood toy- my mom and dad have kept many, if not all, of my and my sister's toys.  i hope my children will be happy to have them one day.  vintage toys are way cooler than the new stuff. 70. visited the lincoln memorial- another fun family vacation memory! 71. eaten caviar 72. pieced a quilt- had one done for me, does that count??? 73. stood in times square- don't mind if that never happens again...not my favorite part of the city. 74. toured the everglades 75. been fired from a job 76. seen the changing of the guard in london 77. broken a bone 78. been on a speeding motorcycle- after working in the neuroscience ICU, i am scared to death of motorcycles! 79. seen the grand canyon in person- wishing for a trip there.  i want to hike in. 80. published a book 81. visited the vatican 82. bought a brand new car- i hope a "new" car is in our near-future, but it won't be brand new.  one day... 83. walked in jerusalem 84. had your picture in the newspaper- wedding announcement.  not sure of any other times...? 85. read the entire bible 86. visited the white house 87. killed and prepared an animal for eating- i say i want to do this, but the thought does scare me...maybe one day. 88. had chickenpox-oh my gosh did i have chickenpox???...like EVERYWHERE! 89. saved someone’s life- giving cpr to a baby is scary! 90. sat on a jury- i had jury duty in january...was dismissed early and not put on a case. 91. met someone famous 92. joined a book club 93. lost a loved one 94. had a baby 95. seen the alamo in person 96. swum in the great salt lake- too cold! 97. been involved in a law suit 98. owned a cell phone- who doesn't??? 99. been stung by a bee