to sam: wishing you a happy first week of life!

happy one week, sam! you have made so many people happy this week!  after your mommy's courageous twenty-seven (plus) hour labor, you were greeted by an  excited family that welcomed you as their first child, son, nephew,  grandchild, and grandson.  we were all there for you - rooting for you and your mommy and your daddy - and crying joyously when we heard the news, through the delivery room door, that "it's a boy!"  

your other family and friends (you have so many already!) who were not at the hospital were also thinking of you and happy to hear the news of your birth story and arrival via phone calls and the diligent updates made by your daddy throughout your birthday on facebook.

when i first laid eyes on you, i could not stop staring.  my eyes welled up with tears (and this, little nephew, is a big thing, since i am not typically a crier).  you were looking at your mommy so curiously, so intently as if you had been waiting for that specific moment for forty weeks.  you looked so at peace and so happy that that mommy was yours!

i hope you have enjoyed your first week of life as much as we all have welcoming you into it!   you are perfect and i am so excited to be part of your family!

i love you,  aunt stephanie