go cats!

we spent the past two weekends cheering for our davidson wildcats at two very exciting (well, one exciting and one exciting BUT disappointing) basketball games.  the first of our two weekends was spent in birmingham with my parents.  the four of us cheered LOUDLY as davidson pulled off a very close win against a sold-out crowd at samford. final score, davidson at samforddavid and steph at samford

this past weekend, we were in charlotte and davidson with some of our college best friends---what a FUN weekend we had!  it was so much fun to be back in north carolina (the residency destination talk has begun...again!) and although davidson lost in a CLOSE game, we had a blast catching up with best friends and meeting baby elizabeth!

david and chris with their newly purchased black out shirtsthe davidson huddle

the girls

and, to make the situation even better, all of this davidson basketball watching has afforded me the pleasure of cheering, in person, for my favorite player, #42 ben allison! 


if anyone sees a shirt bearing a nickname for english ben, like barr's white lobster or curry's steff-in shirt found at a square game.com ---PLEASE let me know.  i am dying to have one!  and, if you are reading this and do t-shirt design, i am digging the thought of a prince benjamin tee.

david and i don't think we are very good luck for the team, so our attendance at the socon tournament is "to be determined"...

with or without us on the sidelines, good luck cats!  here's wishing for another successful ride through march madness!