juicing up something fresh

i've been coveting a juicer for a long time...i would look them up, read all the reviews, talk to people about the ones they owned, and dream up all the crazy juice concoctions i would make once i had one to call my own....i was literally swooning over juicers! well, we bought one a few weeks ago and i couldn't be happier about it!  a big thanks to mimi and pawpaw for some generous christmas money, which, when paired with the hefty balance left on some VERY OLD crate and barrel gift cards (thanks goodness those don't expire!), we paid absolutely nothing for one of the greatest presents we have ever bought ourselves.

fresh fruits and veggies

after the first apple touched our juicer

david juicing carrots

to date we have made, carrot juice, which david loves but i don't care for; carrot, apple, celery juice; strawberry, apple, ginger juice; and orange carrot, red carrot, apple, strawberry, ginger juice---SO YUMMY!  not sure which combination has been my favorite so far, but that kick of ginger in the juice sure makes my taste buds smile!

fresh juice: another thing to make my mornings bright and happy.