our wedding quilt

our wedding quilt is here!  thank goodness our quilter emailed me pictures when she was finished making it,  because i would have been blown away if i had just opened the package without an appropriate warning of how fantastic this quilt is.  LOOK!!!... full wedding quilt picture

what a treasure, huh?  i love it!!!  it's absolutely perfect!  she did the most amazingly wonderful job (and in record time- it took her 4 days!)!  even if you are not in the market for a quilt, you should really check out her shop, lmk quilts, on etsy.   her creations may inspire you to reconsider.

here's a detail photo...

detail of wedding quilt

we are planning to hang it (with the sleeve attached on the back solely for this purpose) but are unsure of where.  perhaps in the guest bedroom- it's quite big, so we need a pretty empty wall.  i hope we find the perfect spot, because once its displayed, its loveliness and all the love spread through the messages from our family and friends can be cherished daily.