reminiscing on my first year of blog posts

i love to take part in some reminiscing, that's for sure.  i borrowed this idea from elizabeth, who borrowed it from a couple of other people.  the idea is to take the first line from the first post of your blog from each month last year.  since i didn't start my blog until march (and i had no posts in june!), i will not have the full calendar to reflect upon, but i love the idea of reminiscing on my first "year" of posts and the start of a new month seemed like a good time to do this.  even from the first sentence of each month, i can tell that my world of blogging is a true reflection of my "real life" world- travelling, parties, working on the life list, gardening, football, cooking.  and, isn't it appropriate that december's sentence pointed out the fact that i wasn't blogging as much as i wanted to in 2008 (and, in stark contrast, i will note, that i am blogging quite frequently now---2009 has been a year full of blogging ideas for me!).

thanks to everyone who reads.  i heart all of you and my dear blog! 

March: goat, brown goat: it’s a poem our dog made up to please us.

April: off to learn how to fly fish.

May: today, we hosted our first annual kentucky derby party.

July: the list, revisited:

read more books; learn how to play my keyboard; find a sewing machine and learn how to sew; practice my yoga more often; bike more often; take sadie on more walks; run when my knee is not hurting.

August: meet our godson.

September: i planted a garden!

October: i have this picture in my flickr photostream, but over the course of this week I realized that this auburn phenom deserved a post in my blog.

November: we made this soup the other night (adapted from bread and honey’s butternut squash soup recipe) when the temperatures dropped below 40 degrees.

December: after an unplanned break from the blogging world, i’m back.