what tha ???!!, the story: not a creature was stirring...

EXCEPT for a MOUSE! yep, that's right.  a MOUSE. was in. my HOUSE!!! and i was all ALONE!!!  well, sadie was there with me, but little good that did.  she looked at me like i was crazy every time i shrieked (and believe me, i shrieked every single time i saw that little gray mouse, which means i shrieked about 67 times since it seemed to follow me around the house instead of run and hide like most mice do!) and then just turned away.

i first saw the mouse when i was sweeping the guest bedroom.  it darted from the corner, ran under sadie's kennel and i SCREAMED!!!  my neighbor, karen, said she heard me, but didn't bother to call...thanks for that.  she said later she assumed it was a rodent, but, really...i SCREAMED...you have to help a friend out!

i immediately called david who DID NOT ANSWER his phone...we have since talked about that issue...and then i called my mom...again NO ANSWER...dad was there and instantly became my hero.  i told him i was leaving immediately to drive to florida for christmas, he said absolutely not.  ughhh...so i followed his direction and stuffed towels under the guest bedroom door.  i guess the mouse had escaped from the guest bedroom when i turned my eyes for a second, because as soon as i was finished stuffing, here comes the mouse walking cooly down the hall like he was saying, "hey! look at me!"  OH MY GOD!!!  another shriek sent him running straight for the pantry, so i stood on the counter holding my broom and waiting for him to exit my lovely shelves of food (see photo from weekend post).  after about an hour of waiting, perched on the counter ready to sweep him out the side door (with my neighbor staring at me curiously through the window likely wondering, "what in the hell is she doing???!!!")  no luck...

okay...deep breath.  since, i know where he is, i will just carry on with my night's plan and pray HARD that he doesn't come out.  in the middle of trying to eat dinner, dad calls to check in, and out runs the mouse!!!  he ran right into the COUCH...OH MY GOD!!!

all logical thinking left my brain at that point.  i scooped up sadie and what was left of my dinner and ran full speed to my bedroom (my thought: if he's in the living room and i trap myself into the bedroom with absolutely NO reasons for leaving...that's right, HOLD IT all night, sadie, because if mommy's doing it, so are you...then we can be assured that the mouse will not be in the room where we are going to sleep) and slammed the door.  frantically i stuffed towels under the door (i was an expert at towel stuffing by this point) and then put weights on top of the towels.  unless he was mighty mouse, he was not coming in.

i kept the lights on ALL night and slept facing the door.  i actually did sleep, but not for long.  i awoke wide-eyed at 5:40am and got the hell out of there and on my way to christmas!

jessica seems to think sadie wasn't fazed by the incident because she "knows" the mouse- like, as in he LIVES in OUR HOUSE!!!  it wasn't funny then, but the thought of a resident mouse that is friends with sadie is quite funny now.  once i was able to find humor in it all, we named the mouse (which i am happy to report there have been no more sightings of), bernie.

so, mr. bernie the mouse...if you are reading this...PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't come back!  if you must drop by to say hi to your friend sadie, don't let me see you, because even though everyone says you are more scared of me than i am of you, i DON"T BELIEVE THAT IS POSSIBLE!  and p.s. there were mouse traps in my stocking (very funny joke, mom and dad!) and while i am terrified to even touch them, i know someone who might set them for me..so STAY AWAY!