we should never doubt her ability to help...

thought i should give one final post to update all on sadie's recovery.  sorry to those of you who have already endured my rambling about every detail of the incident. after about 7 hours of tireless determination, we were able to remove 7 of sadie's 8 drains and all but 7 of her stitches.  we had essentially given up on the last drain and stitches assuming, frustratingly, that we would have to take her to the vet to have the last bit taken out.  so, we decided, to hell with it, and took her helmet off for the first time to see what she would do.  we should have know that our smart girl could help us out... within 2 minutes, she had gently pulled out her last drain and then proceeded to lick her legs for about 2 hours to clean off all the dried blood.  after her careful attention and care of her own body, i am happy to report that sadie is nearly fully recovered...and we are SO thankful.

freedom from her helmet

licking and healing

sweet bug