it's been four years...

as the clock on the dashboard changed to 12:00am to signify the start of new year's eve, i leaned over and whispered "happy anniversary" to my sweets who was sitting in the driver's seat.  we were sharing a meal of chicken mcnuggets and fries (mcdonal'ds was the only place opened and neither of us had eaten since lunch) while waiting in the emergency vet parking lot for our dog-ter. the past 7 hours were a blur: meeting a puppy who was sweet to humans yet vicious to dogs, dropping sadie off at the er vet for surgery, taking david to the er to check on his dog bite, helping to find the runaway puppy and then having to identify him...and all i kept thinking is: if dogs could talk, sadie would probably be asking what she did to deserve this.

how selfish we were to want to disrupt our sweet family with a new fur baby.  besides, why would you need more when you already have the best?

sadie is our best only dog-ter.

pitiful sadie

(more photos can be see on my flickr photostream from my blog site, in case you are reading this post via email version.  i didn't want to put them on this post since some of them are pretty gross.)