30 years and 1 week old (happy belated birthday to me)!

so, again, an unplanned blogging break.  several guesses as to why this may be: 1) instead of spending my computer time writing, for the past month, i have been spending my time on a computer christmas shopping, 2) work has been busier with more patients to see, so there is less computer time in general, and 3) lots of fun holiday and birthday activities attended, which would have been great blogging material, but i instead ignored the ideas and kept the computer shut.  so, while you may not be bothered by my lack of words, i am.  to remedy the problem,  i have made a promise to myself and will now make it to all of you, which i hope will make me more accountable, that i will post a blog at least twice weekly in 2009.  i already have lots of ideas for posts, so i will just have to find the time to sit down and create. 

for now, i am wishing everyone the merriest of christmases.  thanks to all of you who sent warm birthday wishes (and gifts!) and for those of you who sent christmas cards (which we did not)- you have brightened our home with your cheery messages and lovely photos.

happy christmas!