kitchen poetry--launch, day 1

i gathered inspiration from another blogger to do a week's worth of posts using the kitchen as the subject.  the kitchen is the heart of a home- the center of good smells, conversation, messes (this is especially true in our kitchen), nourishment, appealing meals.  i will let this week be sort of my version of kitchen journalism.  i will try to capture a good sense of a what a week in my kitchen is like and will not limit the posts to only food. its a good week to do kitchen poetry since i have created my weekly menu designed solely from my farmer's market bounty.  and, yes, i am "one of those people" who plan, each weekend, a week's worth of dinners including a shopping list.  as of late, my weekly routine has been to walk to my neighborhood farmer's market on saturday mornings, shop, and then walk home to create my weekly menu based on my fresh farm goods.  i am trying my darnedest to participate in a revolution where good ingredients play the central role in reconnecting us with the most basic human values, providing us the deepest delight for our senses, and assuring our well-being for a lifetime.  according to alice waters, champion of eating locally, seasonally, and sustainably, the principles of this "delicious revolution" are: 1) eat locally and sustainably; 2) eat seasonally; 3) shop at farmers' markets; 4) plant a garden; 5) conserve, compost, recycle; 6) cook simply, engaging all your senses; 7) cook together; 8 ) eat together; 9) remember food is precious.

my weekly bounty looked like this:

november 15th farmer's market goods

november 16 produce bowl

from my bounty, here's my menu of dinners for this week:

chard frittata with aged cheddar cheese toast

mushroom and three cheese ravioli with an arugula and goat cheese salad

roasted chicken with buttered turnips

chicken quesadillas with acorn squash

kale and potato soup with multi-grain bread

i only had to buy 6 ingredients from trader joe's to complete my's all about the art of simple food, cooking creatively, and being open to what the season offers.