home from our beach vacation

thank goodness for birthdays!  it was lovely...AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL.  i don't think we could have scripted it any better.  we had such a fabulous time celebrating, something we feel like we're pretty darn good at.  it was perfect in every way.  i thought about creating a top 10 list but then that would place some sort of hierarchical order to certain things over others- i would have had a difficult time with that.  i decided instead to choose my 10 favorite pictures to illustrate the best of the week.  more pictures can be viewed on flickr, just click the flickr link straight from the blog. glassy water of the gulf

our wonderful screened-in porch

how we spent our afternoons

a taste of our lunches

our shadows in the sand

seeing red wine fest

before the rain

our bird friend who watched the setting sun each night with us

setting sun, rising moon

green gables, our paradise