our future home?

its not often that we talk about what we want our future home to be like.  probably because the future is uncertain for us.  we will likely move to a new city for david's residency training but that place will be a mystery to us until march of 2011.  and even when we move there, the realization of owning our first home is unlikely given that david will be in residency and earning the salary that goes along with being a resident physician. we have had a few home-related discussions and decided on a few must-haves:                              

1. outside ceiling fans on a large porch with a painted ceiling                                                              

2. a backyard patio                                                                                                                                

3. a spacious and bright kitchen                                                                                                             

4. and the most important criteria is that our NEW home will not be NEW.  we want a great, old house to live in.

i thought we would continue to postpone the discussion of what we want in a future home, at least until the dream seemed more like a reality.  but then i found this...a wonderful charleston single.  and i knew that this was it...exactly what i want in a future house.  i am now thinking its the perfect time for a discussion so that we can make sure that the city where we will one day call home will have homes like these that we can buy and raise our family in.