goats are TOO cute.

its not often that an article highlights goats, so when that happens i feel the need to draw your attention to it by posting in on my blog.  mr bill niman and i may not share the same reason for having a yard full of goats, but i do think he may love them just the same.  i never intend to raise goats for their meat- i want them as milk and cheese producing PETS (pet being the important descriptor here)- but i truly respect mr niman's work and devotion to the humane treatment of animals.  And, being a flexatarian (a part-time vegetarian who mostly eats and cooks a plant-based diet, but eats meat when it is served and when it is "ethically" raised and killed) i love that people, like him, are focusing their work on the idea "that the better an animal is treated, the better the meat will be". but, with a face like this...how could you think of eating it?!