mr.'s hoping.

if you have not already had the pleasure of hearing the band, the must do so.  i have liked them for a while, but after seeing them open for REM in june, they have become my latest and greatest musical obsession--often highlighted in late night dance parties and blasted out of the car window when driving alone.  we especially enjoy the song, mr. november, the last song on their album, alligator.  i don't think this song actually has anything to do with the presidential elections, but more about the pressure of deadlines.  however, they cleverly created these t-shirts that i love.

i know all of my readers will not share my passion for the obama/biden ticket.  i would like to say that i understand your choice, but i don't.  what i will not do, however, is make our difference in opinion personal.  but, you know who i will be casting my vote for on november 4-

obama '08...i will remain hopelessly hopeful.