oriental thunder

i have this picture in my flickr photostream, but over the course of this week I realized that this auburn phenom deserved a post in my blog.

his stage name is oriental thunder...he is a stripper in auburn and everyone in the town knows who he is.  yeah, i was shocked too... 

i told him that our 30th birthdays were this year and asked if he ever travelled to do parties.  after learning that we live in atlanta, he said, "well, gas is really expensive, but i could do it for $120.  i love to travel."  i then asked how much he would charge for the party, assuming that the $120 was for gas...he repeated his fee was $120---are you kidding me?!  it would be SO worth it...i am very tempted.

he did later divulge to us that his annual salary is $12,000...ummm maybe you should try charging more for your services???!!!  he also told us that he is paying $25 a month to his mail-order bride...is this guy for real??!