SEC football...there's nothing like it!

yesterday, we drove down to the loveliest village on the plains to enjoy a saturday of SEC football- auburn vs. tennessee.  we had so much fun- tailgating with my cousins, blair and jac, watching auburn pull off a victory against the vols, and being thankful that we didn't stay home to watch the gator's painful loss to ole miss (i did dvr the game and watch it in its entirety this morning!...and mourned all over again).

for those of you who have never had the pleasure of experiencing a game on a SEC college campus, you must.  no other sporting events even compare to the massive crowds, the elaborate tailgates, and the passion of the fans.  we must have walked past over 50 tailgating tents with HD tvs showing the florida/ole miss game, gourmet food spreads, people playing corn hole, and, of course, drinks flowing.

blair, thanks for getting us the tickets...we had a great fall saturday spent like true southerners!

war damn eagle and GO GATORS!