so long, bryant park project

to my surprise, the npr show, the bryant park project, ended today. i listened, as i faithfully do when i drive to work solo, and bid it farewell. the show's favorite song of the day, appropriately, made me smile. it actually made me think of david. dan zanes, the artist behind the song, must be as lucky as i am to have a "david" in his life. thought i would share the lyrics:

every time I think of you, smile for a while that's the one thing you always do smile smile smile

acting out stories and hugging your friends smile for a while i know what i'll do when i see you again i'm gonna smile smile smile

chorus: like ripples in a pond or runners who pass the baton good feelings will go on for mile after mile and your big heart circles the world every time that you smile

doing those voices and telling your jokes smile for a while your crazy hairdos and your thriftshop coats smile smile smile

every time you break into a broadway song smile for a while the whole world starts singing along smile smile smile

well you know i love you and i'm glad you're my friend smile for a while you know what i'll do when i see you again smile smile smile