First Hike of 2014: Twin Falls, North Bend, WA

20140111-042804.jpg A few weekends back, we took our first hike of the year- Twin Falls. It was the first official hike that Jack did all by himself (no carrying required) and it was kind of a tricky walk in the woods- steep in some spots, icy mud where the trees gave a lot of shade, and 3 miles long. Even Miss Sadie made the hike with us...but, she suffered from the exercise later on in the week when she had a sprain in her right shoulder which made getting around a big challenge for her- poor old girl.



Despite a few bouts of whining from Jack that he was tired, I think we all had a lot of fun. It felt so good to be outside, taking big breaths of crisp and fresh Pacific Northwest air, and enjoying each other and the day away from distractions.





Already excited to do our next one and so happy that I have made this a priority of ours this year!