A Personal Dialect Map

Have you guys taken this dialect quiz published in the NY Times a few weeks back? Boy, I was pretty surprised by my own personal dialect map (shown below), particularly that the cities my dialect is most common to are Lubbock, Texas (?!), Amarillo, Texas (?!), and Little Rock, Arkansas!!! I've never even been to Texas and only spent a few days in Little Rock, which was quite a fun time but I can't say I identified with place....Hmmm. 20140112-031707.jpg

I took the quiz a second time the following night (which had some different questions so its worth a retake) and got the following results:


Turns out my southeastern upbringing shines through despite my current Pacific Northwest locale. And, Little Rock shows up again...I'm so intrigued by this! David also is a true southerner it turns out...he identified most with Shreveport, Louisiana, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and Jackson, Mississippi.

The questions are interesting...I've never even heard of some of the words and phrases that people in our own country use! Would love to hear what location of the country your dialect most closely fits!