"You can't eat all the jellybeans at one time!"

Despite the number of times we uttered this phrase over the weekend(!), we all had a really fun time in the surprisingly springy weather painting eggs, hiding and hunting plastic eggs filled with toys and candy, cooking food on the grill, and enjoying cocktails in the backyard.


20130402-024514.jpg 20130402-024519.jpg 20130402-024524.jpg


20130402-024721.jpg 20130402-024726.jpg 20130402-024731.jpg


We started a tradition last year that Jack plants a jellybean on Easter Eve and in the spot where it is planted, his Easter basket appears the next morning...he loves picking out just the right place and making sure the jellybean is completely buried under the dirt. And, his excitement the next morning is completely infectious!





20130402-025434.jpg What a smile new Crocs (indoor shoes for school) can bring, especially if they are super hero ones!

I hope you had a fun Easter weekend too!