Oh, Three Days!

Dear Three-Day Weekend,Please don't disappoint. It feels like we have been trapped indoors under a pile of Kleenex coughing, sneezing, and not being able to properly breathe for a month now! We have tried to have some fun despite our feeling under the weather with ski lessons, a concert date to see Father John Misty, cozy snuggling by the fire, watching tons of movies (more than should have been allowed!), and even a girls night out to enjoy a delicious dinner with one of my best friends, but I tell you, we are feeling ready to have a long fun weekend with no stuffy noses, no stomach bugs, and no fatigue!


We have a lot of hopeful fun planned for ourselves...feels like such a treasure to get three days at home all together. We'll be having our routine Friday pizza night, trying the much anticipated Blue Star cafe for breakfast- the menu is so long and looks so delicious, I might just have to order several things! especially after the stomach bug that took hold of us this weekend stole our appetite for days, visiting our neighborhood farmer's market, going to a friend's for a play date and pizza, taking a trip to the zoo, celebrating Valentine's with take-out dinner for two, a homemade dessert, and fancy cocktails, and spending the better part of the day at the Children's Museum followed by lunch at the Armory at Seattle Center- lunch here requires a major decision- will I choose a savory pie or BBQ and cornbread from Bigfoot or a fresh, vegan sandwich from Plum Bistro or stick to my favorite- Skillet: Counter and get a burger or poutine or the chicken sammy???...mmm, all so good!!! Maybe I will mix and match (or sneak bites from my boys' plates!)...!

I hope the weekend is good to all of you. And, I hope we are well enough to have the fun we want to (and think we deserve to!) have...in all honesty, I can't imagine having the energy to do this many fun things as I haven't even left my bed much this week not to mention actually shower, get dressed, and leave the house to do anything, but I'm hopeful! And, I'm certainly ready to feel well and play!