Our Special Countdown to Christmas!

There have been so many lovely advent calendar ideas floating around this year (like this one designed like a woodland scene found in the magazine Nido , this one of gold paper and lights so beautifully crafted by Famille Summerbelle, a special one just for daddy made by a super crafty mama, and this one made of small boxes used by one of my best friends with her 3 year old son). I grew up with an advent calendar...it was a cloth one that hung in the kitchen. Inside each cloth square was a little treat (and on our birthdays- my sister and I both celebrate in December- was a bigger treat) and a small mouse marked the day once the treat was removed (and usually eaten). I'm also partial to the paper ones filled with bits of chocolate (why is the chocolate in them always so good?!) that we always had at my grandparents house.

I love the tradition of the advent calendar. I love having something, even a wee little something, to discover each day of this magical month. Last year, instead of buying an advent calendar (or making one), we decided to use a special Christmas box that David's dad made for Jack when he was 1.

20121211-120300.jpg 20121211-120307.jpg


Like last year, Jack gets a small gift in his box each day and it's such a joy to see the smile on his face when he discovers his treat! Most days, he gets a new tiny animal toy, but he's also received new books, candy, and a wishbone. I love celebrating the holiday with this kiddo!


20121211-120920.jpg 20121211-120925.jpg