his boot scootin' birthday


20121016-110641.jpg 20121016-110648.jpg 20121016-110817.jpg It may have been a bit excessive. I think Auntie Jessica would herself admit that she went all out, working on the weekends and in all of her free hours to bring all the details of this party together. She loves this boy of ours...there is no doubt. And, this boot scootin' birthday party was just one way for her to show it...for her to spoil our soon to be three year old!

The guests, young and not so young, were greeted by a homemade carriage that created the perfect spot for stacking Jack's presents. Bails of hay, topped with antique quilts, circled the fire pit and provided the perfect spot for wrestling and jumping. Stools and chairs were scattered around whiskey barrels and tables inviting people to sit, to partake in conversation, and to enjoy the chilly night.

The drink table, topped with a birthday banner, held growlers of Nashville brewed Calfkiller beer and glass drink dispensers filled with iced tea and water. A bottle of Tennessee Moon Shine proudly sat in the center of the table. Mason jars served as decorations and our glasses.

And, there was a pony! A real live pony (Beebo) for the boys to ride on. Jack adored him from the moment he saw him, yet it took him a little while to feel brave enough to climb up on his back for a ride. When he did find his courage, the smile never left his face!






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Roasted peanuts provided a fun appetizer, with shells being tossed on the ground. And, dinner could not have been more appropriate for the cowboy theme. There was chicken and dumplings, green beans, collard greens, and corn bread. People lingered over their warm dinner and, most even went back to the table for seconds.

Jack ran back and forth between the pony and the hay bales holding Woody and Jessie in his hands. His excitement was pure joy to watch. I think it is safe to say that he felt excessively loved and spoiled.





And, then the desserts were revealed and his excitement escalated to an incalculable level. He sang "Happy Birthday" to himself and was eyes were filled with astonishment at the sight of Woody atop his birthday cake! After blowing out his candles, and with our encouragement, he grabbed Woody and licked every last bit of the delicious cream cheese icing from his boots. Then, he dug into the delicious chocolate cake without even waiting for a plate!

His cake was followed by banana pudding and s'mores by the bonfire. And then, Jack was surprised with all of his presents. He seriously had no idea people would be bringing him gifts...I adore the innocence of this age!

It was such a special night filled with amazing decorations, delicious food and treats, ice cold, tasty beverages, and some of the people we love most in the world. In the midst of wanting to love on Jack and show him her deep fondness, Auntie Jessica made all three of us walk away from the night feeling loved and spoiled.

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