October Trip to Nashville: Family, Cheekwood, and Gator vs Vandy Football Game

Nashville was fun! Super FUN! My only regret is that the time passed too quickly...our 3 days flew by but I know it's because we were all having a great time! It started the second we got off the plane...Remember that film I shared with you a few months ago about the guy with MS and his girlfriend who, after hearing about his symptoms and how scared he was about his unknown future, looked him in the eye and said, "I'm In" to show her unyielding support? In an extremely touching display, my family (including my sister's girlfriend, Martha) met us at the airport wearing matching "I'm In" shirts that they had made for me! Needless to say, I was beyond touched and felt 100% supported and loved! This meant so much to me!!! How wonderful is my support network??!



We spent the next three days- playing with the 100s of Toy Story toys that my sister and Martha borrowed for Jack to play with (he was PSYCHED!) 20121014-215131.jpg



eating (a lot of eating!) Gulf shrimp and cheese grits, biscuits with sorghum, chicken and dumplings, fried pickles and BBQ (I had a pulled pork sandwich with pimento cheese and an over easy egg- I took a photo before digging in! And, yes, it was really good!) 20121014-215556.jpg

enjoying the pumpkins, scarecrows, trains, and flowers at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens and Art Museum 20121014-212728.jpg




drinking locally brewed beer, celebrating Jack's birthday with an AMAZING party which will, deservedly, get a post by itself, and cheering on the Gators to victory against Vanderbilt at an all day tailgate and Jack's first football game! 20121014-213113.jpg









A special thanks to Auntie Jessica, Nonna, and Pops for making our trip extra special! Birthday party post coming later this week!