Kalaloch Camping: Jack's First Camping Trip!

We had so much fun this past weekend! We made our first trip to Western Washington, driving into the Olympic National Park to camp at Kalaloch Campground...one of the most beautiful campgrounds I have ever seen! We didn't have much time...the drive to Kalaloch takes just over 3.5 hours from our home so it's too long to squeeze into a Friday night after work...but, we were longing to get outdoors and to introduce Jack to our love of camping! So, we stumbled out of bed early on Saturday morning and made the trek to the West. We were at Kalaloch for a total of 24 hours (away from our home for about 35 hours), and even though it was quick, it was very much worth it. It was the perfect escape.

In 35 hours we: ...stopped at one of the Starbucks in the University District for sausage and egg sandwiches and strong coffees...it's fun to be in the University District early on a weekend morning when all the college kids are still sleeping away their acts from the night before. ...drove to the Olympic National Park taking the southern route from Seattle...it was an amazing sight to enter into the National Park and be surrounded on both sides of the road by huge evergreens. ...fell in love immediately with Kalaloch...I still can't get over how gorgeous it was...lush green campsites nestled on a cliff overlooking an expansive beach along the Pacific Ocean. ...wandered down the Beach Trail to "feel the sand between our toes"- Jack's words that melted my heart! ...unpacked. Set up our site. ...had lunch of salami, caprese salad, edamame hummus, pita chips, and blueberries. ...snuggled together in our tent and napped! with the breeze and sound of waves from the Pacific Ocean filling our tent space...this alone would have been worth the trip- the 3 of us laying side by side napping in the middle of the day in the forest! ...snacks and a beer at the beach and a lot of sand digging. Tried to be brave...walked out into the ocean but when I realized my feet were numb after about 1 minute, I decided that, yep, it was TOO cold! ...roasted hot dogs over the camp fire for dinner. ...S'mores eating...mmm!!! I didn't like these much as a kid, but now I think they are pretty amazing! ...back down to the beach for the sunset...it sort of took our breath away to watch the sun melt right into the Pacific Ocean... ...all in jammies, book reading in the tent. ...all asleep by 10 pm. ...slept soundly until 6:30 am. ...fire. Breakfast. And, a bit more S'mores eating for the boys. ...back to the beach. Jack played in the sand while David and I sat on the driftwood and watched a couple of whales frolic in the water...yes, WHALES! It was amazing to see their black bodies break the surface of the water and then see a a huge spray of water from their spouts. We stared in awe for over half an hour. ...goodbye Kalaloch...we promise to come back soon...but tomorrow wouldn't be soon enough. ...drive back toward Seattle, this time taking the northern, more scenic route...passed an AMAZING lake- Crescent Lake- that had the most beautiful glacial blue water that we have ever seen! Jack slept for the entire drive. ...lunch in the cutest little town of Kingston, a town that was so busy with ferry dweller traffic that cars lined the small downtown streets waiting their turn to drive onto the big boats. We enjoyed a yummy lunch and a cold beer on the back deck of Main Street Ale House. Jack and I had a mama- son ice cream outing across the street at Mora Iced Creamery while David sat in the traffic line with our car for the ferry. ...Kingston-Edmonds ferry ride...this was a first for all of us. ...short drive home.

It was a perfect weekend... The views were breathtaking. Spending time with just the 3 of us without the distractions of life was such a welcomed treat. The S'mores were pretty outstanding! And, the reminder that nature provides of just how tiny we are is priceless.

I'm already looking forward to going again...in fact, I'll say goodbye for now so I can go and reserve a campsite spot on Whidbey Island for September...




20120731-215738.jpg our first steps in the (freezing!) Pacific Ocean


20120731-220143.jpg mmm...S'mores! 20120731-220150.jpg


20120731-220331.jpg look closely...the whales are in these photos, you can see the water spout in the first one 20120731-220338.jpg






20120731-224924.jpg note the wind swept trees, they lined the cliffs