Scenes from the Weekend: a Seattle summer

20120716-100616.jpg20120716-100621.jpg20120716-100626.jpg I simply cannot get enough of summer here! Blue skies, endless hours of sun, temperatures ranging between the high 50s and low 80s, and countless activities in the Emerald City and its glorious surroundings! Someone please pinch me, seriously, because it all just seems too good to be true, especially now that we get to experience all the greatness as a family of 3 (rather than one of us being stuck inside the walls of the hospital all weekend)!



We've established a bit of routine, something that we've never been able to do before now because work schedules prevented any planning... On Saturday, we did what is becoming our usual "in-town" Saturday morning routine- a run followed by a picnic breakfast. As of late, we've been running at Greenlake and then grabbing breakfast from Starbucks to eat on the lawn near the playground. We have plans to try different running routes, the jogging stroller friendly ones, and then finding breakfast near the end of the route, but Greenlake is near to our house and it's definitely our "go to". The unique thing about this past Saturday at Greenlake was the Milk Carton Derby ! The Milk Carton Derby is a competition, part of Seattle's Seafair Festival, between boats, most built by families, made of milk cartons and rowed around the lake by the creators! We saw some very clever and some very cute ones!









On Saturday evening, we went to West Seattle to meet our newest little friend, four day old Britta! Then, we had a dinner picnic at Lincoln Park. Our picnic was a bit on the later side, which allowed us to walk down to the beach after dinner to watch the sun set over the Puget Sound, dipping behind the Olympic Mountains. It was amazing, as we aren't typically out late enough for sunsets and the setting was gorgeous! Jack and I even got some good rock throwing in!