Fourth of July

* This post was prematurely published on Sunday without the photos or edits! So, I'm publishing it a second time with photos attached. Most people don't know that the Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays. It rivals Christmas, believe it or not! I love the idea of families having the day off together, spending time in their yards, the smells wafting through the air from grilled foods, wearing shorts and tank tops, splashing in water, the color of fireworks...

We had a splendid Fourth of July this year! We spent the morning at Greenlake with a run around the lake, a Starbucks breakfast picnic, and then playground time. We planted new vegetable seeds in the garden box and in the planters by our front door, we mowed the lawn, and the boys took long naps while I enjoyed a cold beer and a fresh summer salad on the deck. We headed back to Greenlake in the evening so Jack could try out his new balance bike which is an enormous hit! And, he even got to play in the wading pool, splashing about in his red and white stripes.


We grilled a late dinner and then hopped on our bikes and in our bike trailer to go catch the fireworks over Lake Union. It was a perfect holiday. And, it made me extra excited that summer is now here- so excited for more picnics, bike rides, walks and runs, and grilling on the deck! Oh, what a fun time of the year!




20120711-205157.jpg * Despite the poor quality of the last two photos, I had to post them in order to show you just how sweet and affectionate my little man is to his mama! Waiting for the fireworks to start, I was showered with hundreds of kisses from a curly haired, sleepy, pajama- clad boy!