Cheers to my new favorite season, Summer!

20120619-114107.jpg Here's to the summer weekend. To camping in the mountains or one the coast, roasting hot dogs and marshmallows over the fire, falling asleep under the stars. To taking day trips to explore towns you've only heard of. To outdoor concerts and movies. To picnics along the shores of the lake with the water lapping your toes as berries stain your face and hands. To after dinner outings to the ice cream shop. To treasured moments spent in a boat, soaking in the amazing views that are awarded only by water.


Here's to airy, breezy, stolen moments of quiet. To reading that chick lit cover to cover in a single weekend, then starting the sequel the following. To drifting off in a comfy chair outside while your significant other does the same a few feet away. To meeting in each others' dreams while the sun warms your skin.


Here's to the summer kitchen. To exploring the season's bounty without even turning on the stove. Here's to heirloom tomatoes in hues of red, yellow, purple, and orange. To giant leaves of basil that are overwhelming fragrant. To inviting friends over for an evening of chopping, tossing and devouring a huge summer salad, then washing it down with the delicious flavor of summer margaritas.


Here's to retiring to the deck after dinner and lighting a million candles or the outdoor fireplace. To talking late into the night with a glass of white wine or a summery beer because the light from the sun doesn't fade until well after 10. To getting cozy under an old quilt and watching the first stars appear.


Wherever you are on this first official day of summer, enjoy! I know some of you may already be tiring of the heat and humidity, but as Seattlites, we are hopeful that this day marks the official beginning to a promised few months of amazingly divine, warm, and dry weather! Here's to summer, my new favorite season!