We Are Fifteen!

20120513-022515.jpg Fifteen years ago today (!!!), I kissed a boy at the beach, just days before our high school graduation, and, well, the rest is history!

Fifteen years ago?! Gosh, that's really hard for me to wrap my head around...!

As a surprise (Surprise, David!), I've planned a date weekend to celebrate our fifteen year mark- Jack is hanging out with his friend, Johanna, for the weekend- Thank you, thank you, Amy and Phil!

And, David and I will spend the afternoon either: 1. "the sunny day plan"- paddling around Lake Union past the houseboats, Gas Works Park, Fremont, and down to the Ballard Locks aboard a double kayak rented from Agua Verde Paddle Club and, then, enjoying happy hour drinks at the Agua Verde Cafe OR 2. "the rainy/cold day plan"- visiting the Seattle Art Museum for the first time and perhaps catching a late afternoon movie.

For dinner, we will probably head to Liberty for sushi and cocktails- I've never been and David's been wanting to take me...plus, their cocktail list looks amazing! And, we might even stop at a neighborhood bar on the way home for a nightcap...

The next morning will begin with a bike ride or a run followed by lingering over breakfast, perhaps even indulging in the Sunday Times...!

Happy Anniversary, Sweets! You still give me butterflies when you walk in a room...