A sign of spring in our front yard

Spring is such a lovely time of the year. A few weeks back, I was lamenting the gorgeous Atlanta springs that we used to enjoy...and, then...bam!, spring arrived in full force to Seattle! Flowers are showing off their colors and filling the air with their sweet scents, gardens are growing- in fact, Jack and I enjoyed the first of our lettuce last night on our chicken burgers!, and the sky has been filled with sunshine that warms our days to at least 70 degrees. It has been blissful and really hard to do much more than run to playgrounds, sit in the sun and read, and dine outdoors...

We have watched the flowers just outside of our living room window blossom right before our eyes! Does anyone know what type of flower these are???




I hope that each of you, wherever you might be, is enjoying the last month of spring too!