A few more pictures from Jack's first wedding

I couldn't resist sharing a few more pictures from my cousin's wedding last weekend. I promise this is the last of the vacation photos! Cocktail hour during the rehearsal dinner. I took Jessica as my date since David was not yet in town; 20120422-012734.jpg

Our family photo at the wedding: 20120422-012743.jpg

I absolutely love this photo of David and Jack: 20120422-012751.jpg

The groom's cake; I personally hate it (Go Gators!), but can appreciate how cool it is to someone who likes Florida State: 20120422-012910.jpg

Admiring the band: 20120422-012941.jpg

Stage jumping! 20120422-013000.jpg

My cute uncles: 20120422-013052.jpg

The nine Halstead siblings: 20120422-013058.jpg

Mama dancing with her little man: 20120422-013119.jpg

Our sweaty dancing fool who peeled his shirt off about halfway through the reception!: 20120422-013128.jpg